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Overall rating
4,4 / 5
  • Rating by Adrian-gabriel
    from 24.02.2021

    A fun trip with some mild annoyances

    Good: The breakfast was really good, and the staff was really welcoming. The coffee was made by an automated coffee machine which had regular milk, but due to my intolerance I asked the staff if it is possible to obtain a coffee with lactose free milked and they went immediately to the kitchen to make me one, which was really nice. The dinner was also really good, with a great selection of wines and food. This part was also really nice because they had offers that were lactose free and made my meal amazing! They also had a lounge which had some AMAZING cocktails.

    Bad: Although the overall stay was really nice, there were some mild annoyances (mild as in others should be aware of them). The "spa" area is not that impressive, it is basically a small pool that looks slightly old, and to be fair, it's a total maze to get to it (I had to ask for instructions like 3 times while going there). We were also with a lot of beginners in the group and wanted to go to First which was really close and had a lot of blue slopes, but it ended up being quite lame and with the slopes being much smaller than they appeared on the map, and additionally the difficulties were random (some blues had some really really steep areas -> the blue slope from the top of the firstbahn starts very steep, and some reds were really easy and should've been blues). So we ended up going to the main area with Wengen anyway, which was a thousand times better. But luckily there was a bus station in front of the hotel. We also went there for two days and right when we arrived (~9AM on the first day) we wanted to make a reservation to the restaurants as we knew they had two, and sadly they told us the a la carte one is already fully booked, so we can only go to the one that had a predefined menu. Although the one with the predefined menu was really good, it was a bit annoying to find out even though you are trying to make a reservation first thing when you arrived you still can't because it's full already? How else was I gonna book it? What was also a bit annoying was the whole ski room process: we didn't receive a card to open up the ski room as our rooms weren't ready, and we also had to give it back before leaving, early in the morning, so we had a lot of interactions and waiting for the staff to come open the ski room for us on the first and last days before/after we checked in/out, which was mildly annoying.
  • Rating by Joshua
    from 22.02.2021


    Good: The spa and sauna facilities were excellent

    Bad: No single large beds are available, only two single beds pushed together. It would be nice to have larger bed options. Some couples like to sleep close together!
  • Rating by Stefan
    from 15.02.2021

    Very enjoyable and relaxing stay

    Good: The hotel staff is super friendly and helpful. The breakfast buffet and coffee was super. The coffee machine in the room is a lovely spoil. The location is close to the First cable car station. To get to the other more prominent ski resorts, you must take the Post-Bus to the Eiger express terminal. We missed the Bus, and the hotel staff organised the private shuttle to take us to the terminal, which was very nice. A regular shuttle service from the hotel to the terminal and back during rush-hours would be a possible improvement.
  • Rating by Andres
    from 08.02.2021

    Nice hotel, views and bar

    Good: The whole hotel was nice

    Bad: The two single beds are quite uncomfortable for a couples ( this is very typical in Switzerland)
  • Rating by Sophokles
    from 08.02.2021


    Good: Great bar and spa areas.

    Bad: The room was very warm, even with the room's radiator switched off.
  • Rating by Traveler
    from 30.01.2021

    Two restaurants and a bar with fire place. Large wellness area with outdoor sauna and swimming pool. Clean rooms with nice amenities. Free mini bar and espresso, replenished daily.
  • Rating by Hdocastelo
    from 26.01.2021

    Very Good

    Good: Rooms were exceptionally clean which was great. Its the best location in Grindelwald, specially if you are in a group where some people ski and some dont. Food at the a la carte restaurant was very good and the staff was fridnlier than at the buffet.

    Bad: For the time of the year, Christmas and new years during corona, you could see staff was overworked and stressed, mixing up orders, forgetting items, food served cold etc. Theybwere all very friendly though. At some point the hotel was fully booked and having everybody come at the same time in the buffet restaurant was a little odd considering corona. There were no gloves and nobody checking if people used hand sanitizer before serving themselves. The hotel did not serve breakfast at the table (so that people dont have to use the buffet).
  • Rating by Pristine
    from 07.01.2021

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